Serviciul European de voluntariat – in perioada Noiembrie 2014 Iulie 2015 la Nocrich vor fi gazduiti 4 voluntari internationali din Portugalia si Cehia care vor dezvolta activitati pentru copii din comunitate

Mai multe detalii se gasesc in infopack

European Voluntary Service – from 01 November 2014 until 31 July 2015 at Nocrich will be hosted 4 volunteers from Portugal and Czech Republic The actual volunteer work will involve the planning and implementation of non-formal educational activities with children aged 5-11 and youth between 12-18 years old.

The volunteers will also have to carry out foreign language lessons with the youth from the community. Another important part of their activity as an EVS volunteer will be to help with the promotion of the centre by writing articles and using social media, and also creating program ideas and elements for future visitors.

Last, but certainly not least, this project wants to facilitate the volunteers’ development by allowing them to use their personal qualities, skills and strengths and making them flourish in a challenging environment. The way we want to make this happen is by having the volunteers each prepare their own personal projects that can address either the needs of the young generation of the Nocrich village, or those of the various scout groups and visitors that come to our centre on a regular basis.

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