Type Includes Scouts




  • drinkable water
  • showers & bathroom
  • access to socket to charge phones in the barn, depending on the availability
  • access to a food storage and fridge
  • pioneering poles
  • Other (shared fireplace, relaxing corner, tennis table, volleyball net&ball)
2 € 3 €
Rooms with shared bathroom
  • 16 beds divided into 2 rooms
  • Access to dining room, library, wi-fi, socket
  • Bed sheets
5 € 7€

Additional services and items

Service/ Item Prices Details
Wood for construction Free   *Poles have variable sizes, between (3-5 m long). You can keep it up to 1 week, if more, re-rent. The wood can’t be cut, fired or nailed.
Rent a TENT

(a 4 person tent with a veranda)                    

8 €/ night     With prior reservation.
Access to washing machine 3 €/ cycle 1 washing cycle with washing powder.
Kitchen Set

(Cooking pot, frying pan, chopper, dishes, big bowls, knifes, for approx. 10 pers.)

10 €/ per day This is the price of the set, we don’t rent less, but if you require an additional cooking item that we have, we can provide it for free.
Use of the indoor kitchen (fully equipped with all necessary for cooking) 25 €/ per day If available, with prior reservation.
Portable gas stove 7 €/ per day With prior reservation.
Rent a Hammock 3 €/ per day We have suitable trees 🙂
Rent a Bike                                10 €/ per day           With prior reservation (up to 10 bikes). We have nice villages, hills and nature around.


Activity Price Details
Village Quest for Nocrich and other villages around (Hike and discover)                                                        Free You get it on arrival.
City quest in Sibiu (Hike and discover)                             Free You get it on arrival.
Goose Game
Free You get it on arrival.
Table tennis (ping pong) Free With prior reservation. You get access to Kettler table, 4 table tennis bats and balls. With prior reservation.
Guided tour in the old Evangelical Church and the functioning mechanical clock                                                                                                                     Free With prior reservation. The group can have up to 10 people. It can be extended to the original tower. You have the unique opportunity to rewind the clock. If you want to support the
Carriage ride 5 €/ person

(for min. 8 people)


40 € to rent the carriage                                            

With prior reservation. The ride can take 1-2 hours, it can fit up to 9 people.
Pottery workshop Between 10 – 20 €/ person With prior reservation.The workshop can take between 1-3 hours, or 1 day, according to the group preferences. You can learn mold the clay, work on the potter wheel, paint or decorate pots. According to your choices and the size of the group, the prices vary.

Additional information:

  • All services are offered within the available number, or by prior reservation.
  • You can also receive tools, rope and other materials necessary for camping. Details on spot or via email.
  • We don’t sell firewood. You can take it for free from the nearby forest.
  • For using more services, you can get a nice discount, just contact your group responsible.
  • In case of damage or if you lose the rented items, you have to pay the full price for them.


For details and booking:, +40 737 26 00 87