Travelling to Nocrich

Nocrich is a village situated 35km North-East of Sibiu, a beautiful city in the center of the country, so it’s easily accessible by bus or car.

It is a thirty minuet drive from Sibiu to Nocrich, by bus, taxi or hiring a car.

The bus to Nocrich departs from the Sibiu bus terminal (Autogara Transmixt Sibiu) which is situated directly beside the main train station.

For departure from Nocrich you must be at the bus 20 minuets before as the bus may be early.


Bus – 15 lei

Taxi – 100 lei 

 Nocrich car pick up – 40 lei

Getting to Sibiu

Sibiu is well developed when it comes to public transport. It has a small international airport as well as good bus and rail links to every major city in Romania and some beyond.

In addition to this there is a good internal bus and taxi service to help with moving around the city to change from one transport link to the next.