Thanks to the substantial support received from our supporters from 2010 and until 2012 the scout centre managed to host a total of over 1000 children and young people who have experienced the non-formal education through The Scout Method. Also, a total of 200 adults participated in trainings organized until now in this location. Main supporter Transylvania-Saxon Foundation through Mr. Hans-Christian Habermann. From the beginning of the scout centre project Mr. Hans-Christian Habermann supported us. Without the substantial support of Mr. Hans-Christian Habermann from the last 3 years this project could not have come to life and certainly would not have been where it is right now  Therefore, with the received support we were able to renovate the entire house both inside and outside, to have a functional barn for activities, to have functional summer showers that are equipped with solar panels, to buy and give in use the treatment plant for the toilets and the showers from the house, to support a permanent employee, an administrator of the scout centre, who can ensure its functionality. In 2012 we managed to renovate the wall from the street, the facade, we managed to restore the gate with a lily flower, we assembled the cellar doors and we renovated the wood shelter. Thanks to the support received in 2012 we are now working at a construction for the camping which is consisting of camping toilets, showers and sinks that will ensure hygiene and comfort for the scouts and the guests of the scout centre.  Boy scouts of America thanks to Mr. Jonathan P. Widmark and the donations that he attracted we were able to endow bedrooms with beds, to buy the kitchen furniture and to equip the kitchen with stoves, ovens, a sink and a hood.   Thanks to the support of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Erickson we managed to assemble the boiler and the heating system throughout the house.  Recolamp We received a donation which consisted in furniture for the training room and tables for bedrooms. Thanks to their donation the training room is fully functional at this time and used for various activities. The Rotary clubs from the United States which have offered donations are: East Greenwich Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Dover, New Hampshire. Thanks to their support we were able to realize the inner showers and the entrance hall was renovated. Rotary Sinaia from Romania. Thanks to their support we were able to buy the kitchen utensils and so it became fully functional.