Meet the Nocrich Family!

Since 2010, Nocrich Scout Centre grows and develops every single day in some way, and that is all thanks to our team. This magical place would not exist today as it is without the dedication and creativity of the hundreds of volunteers who have left their mark on the centre, staying true to the scout motto of leaving the world a bit better than they found it.

They are the ones who make it all happen – they welcome the scout groups and show them around the centre, play fun games with the Nocrich children, get creative in the pottery workshop, organize camps, implement ambitious projects and so much more. 

The time spent together with the other volunteers also means building new friendships and learning lots about other countries and cultures. The days at Nocrich are never boring because they combine meaningful work with fun and friends and giggles – it’s the perfect mix, and when our volunteers are happy, the scout centre is happy too!

We give a special round of applause for the volunteers who repeatedly lend a helping hand and whose contributions have vastly impacted the centre. Even though they are (mostly) not related, they like to call themselves The Nocrich Family. Whether they live in the nearest city or on the other side of the world, the family members find their way back to Nocrich again and again, always finding a way to support the scout centre.

Each and every volunteer is important for the development and diversity of the scout centre. The superpowers they have, the dreams and projects they complete, the memories they make here – all of these help write the beautiful story of Nocrich Scout Centre, and we are grateful to have such an amazing tale to tell so far.

If you want to be part of the story, join us as a volunteer!