Non-formal educational activities

Our main activity in the community is helping kids to learn, using non-formal educational methods. Our main objectives are to reduce school dropout amongst children between 7 and 14 years old, and second, we are trying to combat discrimination within different social and ethnic groups present in the village. 

Social support

We are also helping socially, when more urgent, as we are located in a very poor rural area, in Romania. In order to support the community, we fundraise and share further to those in need.

Whether Christmas food parcels or donated food we find the most effective and sustainable ways we can to help the most vulnerable within our community.

Culture and heritage

One of our main roles in the community is to keep alive the cultural heritage of the Hârtibaciu Valley. We are the guardians of the saxon fortified church, guiding visitors from all around the world through its rich and interesting history. At the same time, every day, a scout is going up in the church tower to wind the historical mechanical clock, announcing the hour in all the village, for more than 200 years.

Bringing back crafts

For more than 80 years, there were no more pottery workshops in the valley. Once an essential activity of the Saxon community, now the beautiful craft is foreign to both old and new generations. With the help of H. C. Habermann and a talented potter, Csaba Balint, we brought this craft back, through CERAMICA DE NOCRICH.