Centre led activities

At Nocrich Scout Centre we offer activities run by our staff, employees, and volunteers from Nocrich Family. They are related to scouting, exploration, culture, and of course, crafts!

All these activities are based on staff availability and other activities happening at the center so please get in touch with us ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss out. Your group responsible can offer you more information. At the same time, due to Covid-19, we have some safety rules in place, to keep us all safe.

Make a change!Priceless 🙂Variable lengthHelp us out around the centre or in the community. Whether you have an idea you would like to try or want us to suggest something we always have fun and interesting jobs that make a big impact on every group after you.
Workshops7-10€/ person1-3 hoursWe offer workshops in Pioneering, Knot tying, Wax Wraps, Animation, 0 waste recycling, etc. These can all be tailored to your groups requirements, with regard to content and duration. Alterations may affect the price.
Pottery class10 – 20 €/hourFromi2fhours toj1 dayLearn the art of Saxon pottery with our volunteers. Whether you want to try your hand making items on the wheel or decorating pre-made pieces we can guide you through all the steps required to create your very own items.
Guided tour of the churchDonation-based1 hourTake a tour of the local evangelical church and learn its 700-year history. The tour includes a historical, working clock mechanism that you can experience winding.
Goose GameFreeVariable lengthLearn about all the Scout of the goose network in Europe through a board game composed of various activities.

Self-led activities

There are many self-led activities to do in and around Nocrich village. You have various old villages just some km around. At the same time, we are situated in a protected area “Sit Natura 2000”. In terms of safety, Nocrich villages are quite safe, as long as you respect the local culture. Your group guide can offer more information about aspects to take into account. If you want to have fun and discover the area, here are some of our favorite suggestions.

HikingFreeThe surrounding area has many beautiful hikes for all levels. These include short circular walks through the nearby forest or all the way to one of our neighboring villages such as Marpod, Țichindeal, or Alțâna. Your group responsible will give you a list of ideas!
Nocrich questFreeHere at the centre we love giving our guests the opportunity to learn more about our home. To this end, we have made a quest that will take you all the way through the village and help you meet several of the locals. It can take between 2 hours to 1 day and it’s a lot of fun!
Carriage ride*15€/personOne of the wonderful things about rural Romania is the different pace of life. Take this by hiring a carriage and taking a trip through the local area in a way you’ve never experienced before. The carriage holds around 5 people.
Pizza oven*FreeIn the yard of the centre we have a stone pizza oven ready and waiting to help you cook a meal in a style. Has to be booked in advance. You have to pay for the wood (around 30 Euro).
Local villagesFreeAll of the local villages have just as much character and history as Nocrich, with many cultural events throughout the year. Whether by foot, bicycle, or car they are well worth your visiting to experience more of the Hârtibaciu valley.
Sibiu city and ASTRA Museum tripFreeThe capital of the county, Sibiu is a wonderful city to explore. The old town is full of monuments and museums to see and the city regularly hosts cultural events. We highly recommend a visit to see the culture and architecture of the region condensed into one place. We have a Sibiu quest to help you explore the old town. With regular buses between Nocrich and Sibiu, it is easy to travel there.
Mocănița Hârtibaciului rideFind out more here„The Sibiu-Agnita Mocănița is a narrow railway taken care of by volunteers, that unites the highly touristic Sibiu and the rural communities of the Hârtibaciu Valley, meandering through a natural reserve sprinkled abundantly with wild fauna and remarkable flora, in a peaceful rural landscape, reigned over by the Carpathians snow-bound ridges.”
Hosman visit:
• The Old Mill
• The Bakery
• The Blacksmith’s Workshop
• The Evangelical Church
Find out more here“The Hosman Durabil Association is an independent and autonomous NGO with the headquarters in Hosman. It administers the complex “Moara Veche” (The Old Mill) with the cultural barn and the regional label “Din Hârtibaciu. cu drag” (From Hârtibaciu, with love) and it’s an active member of the civil society”
The Interethnical Museum of the Hârtibaciu ValleyDonation-basedYou can find more information here. For guided tours get in touch with Claudiu Bartuș: +40754269675
*These activities are dependent on availability. Please speak to us in advance and we can help ensure you can do what you want.

We can rent our car out to help with transport if you require it. The car holds 6 people plus our driver. Price is dependent on destination. Availability is dependent on activities within the centre.

All activities are subject to regular changes with Covid-19. Please contact us for up-to-date information.