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Nocrich Scout Centre provides a unique opportunity for everyone. Located in the Hârtibaciu Valley, it is the perfect place to meet people, discover cultures, see beautiful scenery and learn skills. Come and stay with us for all this and more from a hidden corner of Romania.


One of our goals is to make pottery and crafts cool again through our workshop Ceramica de Nocrich! Everyone who comes here can become a creator in our pottery workshop. You’ll experience this unique traditional craft and be encouraged to manifest yourself through creation.
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Nocrich belongs to the people and everything we do implies volunteering! Our volunteers are part of a strong international network – The Nocrich Family. You can be a volunteer for a certain camp or join us for a longer time and live in Nocrich with us!
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About Nocrich Scout Centre

Nocrich Scout Centre is located in Transylvania, in a traditional Saxon village called Nocrich, 30 km away from Sibiu. Founded in 2010, the centre works from the old Evangelical church house, a historical house built in 1797. Its restoration process has involved hundreds of scouts and non-scouts from dozens of countries who`ve dedicated their time as volunteers to build what Nocrich Scout Centre is nowadays: a welcoming place where you can live an intercultural experience and participate in our educational, cultural and social programmes.

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