Ceramica de Nocrich – educational pottery workshop created by the Romanian Scouts

In the Hârtibaciului Valley, the Transylvanian Saxons practiced a form of pottery that was lost for 100 years. A few visionary volunteers, inspired and with the support of Dipl. Ing. Dr.h.c. Hans-Christian Habermann, gathered in Nocrich, near Sibiu and brought the craft back to the area, creating Ceramica de Nocrich. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? The essential this is that the passion is what gives the energy and excitement to the activity.

At the Nocrich Scout Centre, since 2014, we bring people closer to ceramics and pottery. We carry the passion for this beautiful craft, through those who experience working with clay, far across Romania and the world. We are happy to see that this skill is still alive in these times, and that we have young people who love keeping this tradition alive.

Our goal is to develop Nocrich Ceramics to have a self sustaining workshop, which will promote the ancient craft and provide educational activities for those interested in pottery.

You can help be a part of this journey with a purchase, a suggestion or even just a good word! Together we can bring back the craft, encourage young people’s passion for art, support non-formal education and create a connection with our past.

Our story:

At first we didn’t know how to use the tools of the craft, the potters wheel, the agog, the stylus. That didn’t stop us. We found a knowledgeable craftsman who believed in us and taught us. In small steps we discovered the secrets of working with clay.

Potter Csaba Balint taught us how each piece of clay can become something wonderful and unique. He is always with us and works tirelessly to ensure the quality of the products we finish by sculpting, firing and painting.

The artist Ramona Stanca is the one who designed and painted together with our volunteers and scouts in camps and workshops. Many young people loved working with her, being intrigued to discover that they too can create extraordinary products as long as they have the patience and interest to learn. Thus, we saw how some of them were enchanted by the complexity of the creative process, how they let many hours pass while working with dedication, and gladly returned again and again. The joy that can be read on their faces when the final product comes out of the oven is the most beautiful reward for the time invested.

Many feel that time in the workshop has a different value, and their perspectives on pottery are always different. A form of expression, an opportunity to relax, a game, an exercise in dexterity. Every person has their own impression. We see in the practice of this craft great educational and professional potential. Researchers have understood that working with clay is a form of learning and have realized that people can become very skilled very quickly. SOme volunteers found that they have a special intrest or skill and have created whole collections of products. Throughout the two years of activity, it is certain that the soul of the workshop has always been volunteers and scouts.

We continue to develop our skills to best meet the expectations of those who support us. And because we want to pass on what we have learnt, we are waiting for you to come here, to Nocrich, or to participate in the events we organize. We hope to see you soon.

More than anything, we invest time and passion into the products you see with us. We are always open to answer you questions. All you have to do is contact us: ceramicanocrich@scout.ro