Our mission

Nocrich Scout Centre exists because of all the scouts and volunteers who had a soul stirring mission: to build a place in the heart of Transylvania where everyone is empowered to manifest and discover themselves through educational, cultural and social activities and programmes.
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One of our goals is to make pottery and crafts cool again through our workshop Ceramica de Nocrich! Everyone who comes here can become a creator in our pottery workshop. You`ll experience this unique traditional craft and be encouraged to manifest yourself through creation.
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Nocrich belongs to the people and everything we do implies volunteering! Our volunteers are part of a strong international network - The Nocrich Family. You can be a volunteer for a certain camp or join us for a longer time with EVS projects, Civic Service or Workaway and live in Nocrich with us!
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September 10, 2020 - 03:00 PM

Camp de Nocrich 2018

The mechanism of this kind of learning seems similar to the appearance of
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Memories of Nocrich Hike

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To bring relief when & Where it's needed most

Yerramma rests after a mile walk carrying Lalitha on her hip and this heavy container of water on her head. Thanks to a new well drilled by OBI teams however, this young family will now have safe access to clean water.

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