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Become a Volunteer with European Solidarity Corps!

Volunteering with a purpose. Are you Prepared to start the adventure of your life?

There are tenths of volunteering opportunities appearing each day, just a click away. How are you supposed to even begin to choose the right one for you? The first step is to know why you want to be a volunteer, and then find out how you’ll be able to see it through, what are the resources you’ll need. Once you’ve established that, you can start looking at all those offers with different eyes.

With European projects it’s easy. For example, European Solidarity Corps, known as ESC, helps you focus on your ‘why’, because it’s very generous on the ‘how’ part. It covers your expenses, including for travelling, and provides you with all the means to live and make a difference for up to 12 months. Every volunteer receives from the EU a monthly allowance of 150 euros for food (5 euros/day) and 90 euros as pocket money (3 euros/day), more than enough to live very well in Nocrich. You just have to be aged between 18 and 30 and be a resident of one of the countries* in the program. Now that you know all these, let’s take an example to make it easier. 

Nocrich Scout Center Sibiu Romania

Our ESC project, Solidarity in the Nocrich Community, is mostly about the children in Nocrich, a village with a rich and fascinating history and multiple cultures. What makes it special is that it focuses on more than one area and the choice to work in one or more of them is yours, according to your needs and interests. The three main objectives of the project are to mitigate discrimination, prevent scool dropout and decrease the pollution at a local level, all through non-formal educational methods with the village children.

The activities are structured in 8 categories and give the chance to contribute even to those who prefer not to work directly with children: educational activities, pottery, scout centre and campsite, image and communication, eco and garden, hospitality, culture and restoration, and your mission, the most versatile category that is up to you.

More than that, you will get to learn Romanian and English with an amazing teacher in a series of authorized courses.

If you like an area but you’ve never tried it, this is your chance to learn something new. You’ll get all the support and resources we have. More than this, for all the 12 months of the project you will have a mentor who will be there for you and trainings in a wide variety of domanis to make your volunteering stage an opportunity for growth: both for the community and for you.

Apart from working in the community, we have a big, beautiful team of international volunteers, we make lots of trips and team buildings and the mountains are just 1h away!

You can find more details about the project, our organisation’s history and values and the community in the Info kit for ESC participants, our project info pack and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If our project starts to sound like the answer to your ‘why’, unlock your potential, contact us at and let’s leave this community a bit better, together!

*Germany, Iceland, France, Spain, Romania, Austria, Luxembourg. If you are from a different country but are interested in this opportunity, write to us and we’ll let you know if we can adapt the project so that you could join.