One of our goals here at Nocrich Scout Centre is to revive the interest for traditional crafts among the young generations. Pottery is one of the traditional crafts that are very popular in Transylvania and our ancestors have left us extremely valuable techniques in this region. Wanting to keep alive this beautiful form of art, we worked hard to start a pottery workshop. Our pottery workshop has been running since 2014 under the guidance of our talented potters, Ramona Stanca, who is a visual artist very dedicated to teaching our volunteers, and Balint Csaba, who is a potter with an experience of 25 years in ceramics and who designs saxon roosters for roofs and all the products that you can buy from our pottery`s shop.

Everyone who comes to Nocrich Scout Centre can become a creator for a day or more in our pottery workshop. Besides experiencing this unique traditional craft, in this workshop you are encouraged to manifest yourself through the process of creation, to be bold and innovative.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the art of working with ceramics, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make pots, cups, necklaces (or other kinds of jewelry) or how to decorate them. The program we offer for the pottery workshop is wide and you can choose the one that you feel closest to your needs and skills.

You can find the name of the pottery programs we offer and their description bellow:


If you dream of being the next Van Gogh of pottery, this is the right choice for you! We will bring you the resources (the materials, access to the oven) and an inspiring environment so that you can work on your pottery product. What you create is up to you and you can choose the amount of time you need to get your creation done. In this workshop you can also combine different forms of art such as painting or sculpting in order to get a product that perfectly defines who you are as a creator. After you complete your work, you can take your pottery work of art home and share what you`ve learned in the workshop with your friends.

Step by step pottery

Learning from an artist can be a life changing experience. This is why, in this workshop, we offer you the opportunity to work with our visual artist, Ramona Stanca. She will introduce you to the secrets of pottery making and wil guide you through all the steps until you get the final form of your pottery product. This way you will get to see the whole process through the eyes of someone who is completely dedicated to this traditional craft. In the end, you can choose if you want your product to be part of our pottery exposition or if you want to take it home.

Bring the colors

In this pottery program, you will have to choose a baked pottery product, such as a cup, and we will give you the special painting products that you need in order to design it. You can use the techniques that you like, you can write on it or style it as you wish. It is up to you to create a cup with the colors and model that you have always dreamed of! Just image drinking your tea or coffee every morning from a cup that you have styled, doesn`t that sound really amazing ?