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Digital Transformation Camp I – Be a digital hero for kids from Nocrich Community!

Digital Transformation Camp I – Be a digital hero for kids from Nocrich Community!

The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic had a big shake on everyone, and in disadvantaged areas, the effects were even more impactful. The differences between urban and rural areas have become wider. Many children from rural areas do not know how to use a computer even though they have access to technology (phones and tablets), they do not know how to write an e-mail or use the programs and platforms made available by Google, all this, safely.

Children from the 7th and 8th grades are about to leave for the high schools in the city, completely unprepared for the next stages. Through the Digital Transformation Camp project, we want to help children learn to use technology to their advantage but also how to protect themselves in the virtual space, to understand the risks they expose themselves to every time they post on social networks.

For 21 days, between September 9 and 29, our volunteers, 5 from Romania, 5 international, will work with children from Nocrich commune to teach them as much as possible about the world of technology.

The project will be carried out in 3 stages:

Stage I

The participants will arrive on September 8 and for a few days (approximately 5 days) they will be able to get to know the communities in which they are going to work, the management team of the Nocrich Scout Centre, the Ceramica de Nocrich team and the other volunteers who are already here. The planning of the activities will also be done at this stage, each session at the school being fully thought out by the young volunteers.

Also in the first days of the project, a multicultural evening will take place with the participants and beneficiaries of the project, as we consider it important for the volunteers to get to know the community.

Stage II

In the next 10 days, non-formal learning activities will take place in the schools of Nocrich and Hosman, children from the 7th and 8th grades will learn how to write an e-mail correctly, both formally and informally, how to make a CV, how to use Google Drive, but also about internet safety, why it is important not to publish personal information and where we are, how personal information can be used against us once it is made public.

All this will be accompanied by games and activities, all according to the scout method.

Stage III

This period will last approximately 6 days, and will consist of feedback sessions with the volunteers involved in the project, the distribution of the results obtained from the project.

In addition to the activities, we want to build something that the beneficiaries can use after the project is finished. So, we propose to make an IT corner in the localities, so that the community has a place where they can use a computer, have a printer available, etc.

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