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Nocrich Hike – The Fellowship of the Ring

Nocrich Hike – The Fellowship of the Ring


This summer a historical adventure is about to take place as we are organising the first edition of the Nocrich Hike! Your presence is needed in Hartibaciului Valley, between the 27th and 31st of July, to help us prevent the bad forces from overcoming the good ones. How could it come so far? Well…

Once again, dark clouds gather above Middle-Earth. It is rumoured that Sam’s and Frodo’s efforts weren’t the end of the story: after throwing the One Ring into the fire, the world is in need of a new order to maintain peace and stability in Middle-Earth. Sadly, there only seems to be one solution: the creation of a new Ring order! Hence, may all of you form a fellowship and gather in the little hobbit village of Nocrichton, for we will need the bravest, strongest and cleverest to aid in the search for these new rings.

But, what will be the destination, where would you look for these rings? In fact, that will be a secret until you get there yourself: every group will be given a cryptic route description and you will need to employ all your orienteering skills in order to find your final destination. What you will definitely encounter on your path are regular posts where you will need to deal with a variety of tasks. Something creative, perhaps an outdoor game or a first aid exercise, it could be anything!

Indeed, this hike won’t just be about finding your way, but also a lot about how you and your fellowship cooperate. It is not easy to form a new fellowship and to always keep the harmony within it alive. This is why you should be prepared to face all the challenges, that will come your way, with great patience, team spirit, creativity and an open mind.

You are only a step away from creating a legendary fellowship* which will watch over Middle Earth’s wellbeing. This is your moment of glory! Make sure you sign up so that your name will have a great meaning in Nocrichton`s history!

* A fellowship can be formed by 3/ 4  venturers and/or rovers, aged between 15 and 24. In order for this adventure to be possible, a participation fee of 30 euro (150 RON)/participant, which includes accommodation and food that will be offered to each member of your fellowship has to be paid.

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