Become a volunteer in Romania !

Become a volunteer in Romania !


Volunteers from different  countries like Argentina, Spain, France, Denmark, Italy, New Zeeland, South Africa, USA, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Danemark  and Romania joined the Nocrich Scout Centre volunteering programme for couple of days or even months.

The year of 2016 calls you to bring some changes to the world around you and live with other volunteers in a wonderful and magic place like Nocrich.

Many activities, from cooking, organising programmes for other scouts or running the administrative part of scout centre are waiting for you.

No matter your age, at Nocrich Scout Centre located in Sibiu County, Romania, in the heart of Transylvania  you will find great opportunities of volunteering in which you can have a lot of fun and learn new things. This is the place where you can make new friends from all over the world and improve your romanian, english, french, german and other language skills.

Scout groups from different European countries like Germany, France or Norway already announced their presence and the centre needs volunteers to welcome them.


Who can participate? everyone who wants and who is over 15 years old

For how long? 1 week – 1 month

What does it imply from your part? a contribution of 3 euro/day (costs which can cover a part of the food budget), accommodation will be in tents

At Nocrich,work is similar to fun and knowledge and you will have the chance to learn new things, make new friends and explore the nearby Saxon villages.

During your stay at the scout centre you will have the opportunity to take part in more teams like:

Animation & Programme Team – this involves taking part in the organization and implementation of the activities for the kids from the village, cub scouts and scouts. You can develop your skills as a scout leader and share your French scouting experience in order to offer the kids an international and diverse image of what scouting is. The activities are very diverse, ranging from typical scout meetings with games, to challanges, village quests, scouts olympiads,  scout camps.

Pottery and Artistic Team – we opened a pottery and ceramics workshop. Here, with the guidance of a potter who comes pretty often during the summer, you can learn more about this craft and also experience it. Moreover, painting the pots has become a daily task, so you can let your imagination run free. The

Administrative Team
– We have a lot of groups doing their summer camp here, so one of the task of the volunteers is to be sure the groups have everything they need and to support them when needed. Another task will be cooking for all the members of the team of volunteers – Nocrich Family. The manual work involves ensuring the wellbeing of the scout centre and keeping it up. Cleaning, organising, (re)building, painting, mowing the lawn, shopping for food.

csaba constructii

nocrich family

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