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LONG TERM volunteering 2020: Solidarity in Nocrich Community

LONG TERM volunteering 2020: Solidarity in Nocrich Community

Solidarity in the Nocrich Community is about the children in Nocrich. What makes the project special is that it focuses on more than one area and the choice to work in one or more of them is yours, according to your needs and interests. The three main objectives of the project are to mitigate discrimination, prevent school dropout and decrease the pollution at a local level, all through non-formal educational methods with the village children. The activities are structured in 8 categories and give you the chance to contribute even if you prefer not to work directly with children.

The categories are: educational activities, pottery, scout centre and campsite, image and communication, eco and garden, hospitality, culture and restoration, and your mission, the most versatile category that is up to you.

If you like an area but you’ve never tried it, this is your chance to learn something new. You’ll get all the support and resources we have. For all the 12 months of the project you will have a mentor who will be there for you and trainings in a wide variety of areas to make your volunteering stage an opportunity for growth: both for the community and for you.

Apart from working in the community, we have a big, beautiful team of international volunteers, we make lots of trips and team buildings and the mountains are just 1h away!

You can find more details about the project, our organisation’s history and values and the community in our info pack and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If our project starts to sound like the adventure you’ve been looking for, unlock your potential and contact us at nocrich@scout.ro.

Let’s leave this community a bit better, together!

Find out more about ESC projects at Nocrich Scout Centre here.

*Germany, Iceland, France, Spain, Romania, Austria, Luxembourg. If you are from a different country but are interested in this opportunity, write to us and we’ll let you know if we can adapt the project so that you could join.

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