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Long-term volunteering program 2022: “Building solidarity”

Long-term volunteering program 2022: “Building solidarity”

Would you like to put your skills in practice and develop new ones, while helping the community and bringing a positive impact? If yes, we have an opportunity for you!

 Volunteer at Nocrich Scout Centre! During the 12 months, you can join us in a program with all expenses covered, living in a beautiful small village in Transylvania. Through your work in the scout centre, you will help local community to create a sense of solidarity, combating discrimination and early school dropout and also encourage a more healthy and active lifestyle. This volunteering program is also focused on the volunteer growth, through training, language lessons, crafts workshops, mentoring, and a diversity of activities that will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge for life.

 Some  of the activities that you will be part of:

  • Non-formal weekly education with the kids (7-14 years old) from the local community, using the Scout Method. Some of the thematics are nature protection, sports, diversity and inclusion, health and nutrition, digitalization and democratic participation.

  • Intercultural activities, with social activities and workshops that promote the diversity and richness of cultures.

  • Daily tasks and programs in the scout centre, including woodwork, yard maintenance, taking care of animals, volunteering for other projects in the community, etc. Also, we have a pottery workshop where you can learn more about ceramics. During the summer period, there is an opportunity to help with the scout camp, international scouts visiting, and so on.

You will work in an international team, receive the staff support, and also you will participate in different trainings:

  • Induction training (2 weeks) – financial, use of tools, eco, first aid etc. 
  • More support and reinforced mentorship where needed.
  • Scout training.
  • Pedagogy training.
  • Romanian language lessons.
  • Crafts apprenticeships, according to the possibility (pottery, carpentry, restoration etc.).

 According to your interest, you can gradually receive more responsibilities or leadership roles. In your growth process, you will receive the support of our team. We can also offer specific resources and facilities for those with special needs. There is also the opportunity to learn about the management of an NGO & of social entrepreneurship.

  Apart from all these already mentioned, there is the opportunity to develop a personal project, which will be your own project, in which you will learn about project management and implementation.

   Also, you will have an assigned mentor that will support you through your learning process and help turn the experiences that you will have into learning outcomes. The mentor will help you develop a learning plan, find strategies to reach your goals, and help in the end to fill the Youthpass (where you will summarise what you learned and that you can later attach to your CV).

  If you are worried about the expenses, you need to know that this is a funded program so the travel is covered, according to the distance travel ban, you can find more information about it in the European Solidarity Guide, info pack, and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. The accommodation is provided by the centre, you will receive money for the food (5 euros/day) and pocket money (3 euros/day).

 Profile of the volunteer:

  • young person, between 18 and 30 years old;
  • Happy to work with children aged between 7 and 14 years old;
  • Motivated to help and has an open mind towards diversity and inclusion;
  • Motivated to learn and discover;
  • Is flexible and patient in the context of unexpected changes;
  • Is/ has been a scout (not a requirement, though).

We encourage the participation of young people that are part of vulnerable groups and facing challenges, such as described on Salto-Youth website

Are you ready for this challenge? If so, apply as soon as possible to this project, through the portal of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) or simply write an email to us at nocrich@scout.ro.

This opportunity is offered by Nocrich Scout Centre through the European Solidarity Corps programme.

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