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SHORT TERM volunteering 2021-2022: Become a Superhero for Nature!

SHORT TERM volunteering 2021-2022: Become a Superhero for Nature!

Are you ready for a new, exciting challenge?

Join us in Nocrich village, Romania, for 2 months, and help the local children protect nature!

If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you are enthusiastic about volunteering and nature, you could become a superhero in the Nocrich community.

Wondering about expenses? Don’t worry! The opportunity we offer you is fully covered (accommodation, food, pocket money, transport*) through our European Solidarity Corps (ESC) project.

Nocrich is a village in Romania with a rich and fascinating history and multiple cultures. It is part of the Hârtibaciu Valley, a beautiful and diverse environment that includes a natural protected area. The community, however, needs help in understanding the importance of preserving this natural heritage and in taking concrete steps for doing so.

Through our short term European Solidarity Corps project, Superheroes for Nature, we aim to raise awareness, involve and empower children and young people for taking action towards nature protection, biodiversity conservation, sustainable development goals (SDGs) and solutions for local environmental challenges (5Rs). 

Moreover, the project aims to improve the participants’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that are going to be certified, making it easy to translate them towards the labour market.

The project has 6 rounds of short term mobilities (59 days) over the course of 2 years, each hosting 4 volunteers with fewer opportunities from different European countries**

The activities of the project will be centered around 3 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one for each round of the year: 

– Goal 13: Climate Action; 

– Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; 

– Goal 15: Life on Land.

In addition to working in the community, we have a big, beautiful team of international volunteers, we make lots of trips and team buildings and the mountains are just 1h away!

You can find more details about the project, our organisation’s history and values and the community in our info pack and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If what you just read makes you daydream about volunteering in Romania with us, unlock your potential, contact us at nocrich@scout.ro and let’s leave this community a bit better, together!

*Within certain limits imposed by the ESC Programme.

**Portugal, Iceland, Spain, Hungary. If you are from a different country but are interested in this opportunity, write to us and we’ll let you know if we can adapt the project so that you could join.

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