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The best youth volunteering initiative in Romania

The best youth volunteering initiative in Romania

On the 14’th oh November 2015, the second edition of the  National Gala Of The Young Civil Society 2015, under the motto ‘Inspiring a new generation’, gives the award of The Best Initiative to Encourage Volunteerism to the Nocrich Scout Centre- H.C. Habermann.

For the second consecutive year, the  National Gala Of The Young Civil Society comes to recognise the merits of the youth from the entire country nominating the remarkable projects initiated and realised by youth, for the community.

Nocrich Scout Centre- H.C.Habermann, subsidiary of the National Organisation of the Romanian Scouts represents the only educational centre of this kind from Romania, a projects that functions for and through the involvement of the volunteers. this is located in Nocrich, a small village within the Sibiu county and it was given life by the enthusiasm, vision and continuous work of some dedicated scouts who saw the potential for the development not only of the local community but also of the youths actively involved in the educational programmes. The team of volunteers from Nocrich has the structure and the cohesion of a family and the projects developed transpose the same spirit of innovation and creativity as an approach in the acitivities of non-formal education.


In the 5 years of acitivity, the volunteers from Nocrich managed to develop educational programs for approximately 2000 beneficiaries from Romania and various other countries. The Scout Centre offers a frame for inter-cultural formation, hosting only in 2014 over 600 children and youths from Romania, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Austria. The hosted volunteers took part in more than 20  local, national and interanational educational projects

The most impressive thing of the Educational centre is that it succeeds in creating quality programs with a real impact in society, through continuous work of the youths, but at the same time focused on their own personal development, offering  them an extraordinary environment for learning through action.  Through their activity and uninterrupted involvement, the volunteers offered the local community a chance to discover the  philosophy of the volunteering, of non formal education and of active involvement in the community, but also of the biggest youth movement in the world-scouting.

The Scout Movement is currently one of the oldest youth movements from Romania, with more than 3500 active volunteers in the whole country. This recognition comes one more time to confirm the quality of the Scout Educational System and it’s value for developing and supporting individuals involved in the community in order to create a better world

gala tineretului

With a tradition of more than 100 years in non formal education, The National Organisation of Romanian Scouts is a supporter of the National Gala of the Young Civil Society from Romania, being a member of the Jury in the Educational Category. Initiated by the Ministry of youths and sport and The Duke of Edinburgh`s International Award Romania Foundation, in partnership with the Share Federation and Cluj-Napoca city hall , the National Gala Of The Young Civil Society is at it’s second edition, in Cluj Napoca, in the context of Cluj Napoca 2015, European Capital of Youths

This year, the number of applied projects almost doubled from the last edition, reaching 223 applications, fact that demonstrates the importance of an event like this, through which the merits of the youth in society are recognised. You can find more details regarding this even on the web site  www.galasocietatiiciviletinere.ro.

Nocrich Scout Centre- H.C.Habermann team dedicates this award to the Nocrich Family and particularly thanks the solidary partners who due to their trust and support made the extraordinary development of the educational centre possible: mister Hans Christian Habermann, Kaufland Romania, Mercedes-Benz Romania and the funding programme Erasmus+ – funding programme of the European Union in the educational area, professional formation , youth and sport. (2014-2020)

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