Hiring Volunteers Coordinator

Hiring Volunteers Coordinator

Our Scout Center has a lot of opportunities for volunteers, scouts and non-scouts alike, from Romania and abroad. We are also a host organization and run projects through the European Solidarity Corps, and we have short-term (weeks), medium-term (2 months), and long-term (6 – 12 months) volunteers at the Center all the time.

Our volunteers are young people from Romania, the European space and all over the world. In addition to managing the Center and the groups that visit us, our volunteers carry out their personal projects, learn Romanian, and create scouting activities for the children in the village, every week.

So, we are looking for a volunteer coordinator! We need someone to ensure the planning, coordination, and supervision of our volunteers’ tasks based on the objectives set by our Executive Director, but also to help build a safe, structured, and fun environment where all volunteer projects are successfully completed.

Main responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the daily activity of volunteers – the position requires a daily physical presence at our Center in Nocrich, Sibiu County.
  • Managing the logistical and legal aspects of volunteer programs (transportation, accommodation, training, events, contracting, insurance).
  • Tracking, planning, and evaluating the progress of volunteers (monitoring personal and program objectives, planning activities and days off).
  • Monitoring and reporting on volunteer programs financed by partners (ESC, Service Civique), including communication with partners.
  • Reporting to the Executive Director on the status of volunteers’ objectives (weekly) and on volunteering projects (monthly).

In order to successfully apply for this position, you should

  • have sufficient digital competencies to write a report and use email
  • be comfortable working with people and leading teams, ideally in a volunteering context
  • have at least 1 year experience with European Solidarity Corps projects, in any role
  • be comfortable to work in a truly multicultural setting
  • know English at least at a B2 level
  • be correct, coherent, efficient and emphatic in all communication, written or otherwise

Ideally, you should also know:

  • Social Media and a bit of Canva / Adobe Express
  • to drive (category B driver’s licence)

It’s good to know that Nocrich, the village where we have our Scout Center, is in the country side, 35 km from Sibiu, in the Hârtibaciu Valley. We have paved roads, Internet and very good cell reception, but the nearest supermarket is 30 minutes away and you will encounter horses and carriages on the road.

What are we offering:

  • Financial compensation starting from 2500 RON / month, ideally B2B
  • Lodging in the area, if needed
  • Access to the Center’s car for work-related activities
  • Training – national and international
  • Every day is a new challenge in Nocrich, so it’s guaranteed you’re going to develop new skills
  • A safe place to build experience in a management role
  • A young, dynamic and multicultural workplace in a unique place
  • An opportunity to have real, meaningful, positive impact in the live of hundreds of people that will be grateful for your contribution

Working hours are Monday to Friday. At least once a month some volunteering activities will happen during the weekend, so you’ll have to be available sometimes during the weekend, but you’ll be able to take days off during the week to compensate. This is a full time, 8h / day position.

For additional details, please contact nocrich@scout.ro or +40736744686.

To apply, please send a CV and a letter of intent in either English or Romanian to nocrich@scout.ro. Please use the Subject “Application for the position of Volunteer Coordinator”.

Who are we?
The Nocrich Scout Centre – H. C. Habermann is part of the National Organization of Romanian Scouts. We’re a youth center focused on non-formal education based on the Scout Method. The Center exists thanks to all the scouts and volunteers who had a heartfelt mission: to build a space in the heart of Transylvania, in the countryside, that encourages everyone who visits it to express and discover themselves through educational, cultural, and social activities and programs.

Find us on Facebook (Nocrich Scout Centre) and on Instagram with @nocrichscoutcentre.

Vision 2025
By 2025, Nocrich Scout Center – H.C. Habermann will be a youth center connected to the local community and to traditions, that is stable and sustainable in operations, that provides an educational platform and volunteer programs for scouts and a wider audience. We’ll be responsible towards people and the environment, and we’re going to be able to offer accomodation in 30 beds indoor and 300 people in the campsite.

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