Nocrich CAMP 2016 – Live the Culture

Nocrich CAMP 2016 – Live the Culture

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Nocrich Camp 2016 – Live the Culture

During 15-25 August 2016, Nocrich Scout Centre – H.C. Habermann will host the third edition of  “Nocrich Camp“, an international camp which, in 2016, is based on the motto “Live the Culture”. The camp is addressed to ventures and rovers aged between 15 and 24. The camp’s program is based on discovering the multicultural area of Hârtibaciu Valley, mainly the traditions and local history, through craft workshops, an exploration of neighbouring villages after a French model, involvement in the community, evening program around the campfire, but also intercultural evenings with scouts from Romania and abroad.

Nocrich Camp is also a very interesting and unique intercultural opportunity where you will meet scouts from many countries with whom you’ll be able to discover how scouting is in different parts of Europe.

What have we prepared more exactly?

1, craftsCrafts – This area has developed thanks to the crafts practiced and perfected by the Transylvanian Saxons, Romanians and Roma. During Nocrich Camp, alongside skilled craftsmen, you will give your imagination a form in clay in the pottery and ceramics workshop, you will shape tiles, you will learn the restoration technique, permaculture, sustainable development and many others. Get ready for several days in which you will learn new things and be motivated: to be a craftsman is not that easy, but, with a lot of practice, the end of the camp will find us in a great crafts fair.

Exploration after a French model, was tested at Nocrich Scout Centre by lots of scouts, and now’s time for you to experience such an adventure, exploring the surroundings and then seeking shelter for the night in the community. You will be in direct contact with the villagers and you’ll have the chance to discover the village life of Hârtibaciu Valley and to help the villagers doing some household work. You will do all of this as part of a mixed patrol with scouts from various other countries.

Multicultural traditions – if you reached this area, it’s inevitable to make contact with the traditions left behind by the Saxons and now lived by the present community of this area. A part of this section of the camp is represented by the Treasure Hunt in the village, a hunt of treasu2. friendshipres and stories, of memories and knowledge of the community you’ll be part of for 10 days. Also, there’s a high chance that your adventure will take you to the village Alțâna, where youcan find the Interethnic Museum of Hârtibaciu Valley. The city of Sibiu is located 30 kilometers from Nocrich, and for one day you will have the opportunity to explore it and find its stories along with your patrol.

Community – Nocrich Camp represents joining a
community for 10 days, an international community of which you will be a part and with whom you will live new experiences. The mixed international patrols, pioneering, the preparation of the 3 meals with your patrol during the camp and the teamwork will help you to exceed your limits and to grow in the new community.

Creativity –
During Nocrich Camp you’ll find active and interactive methods to relax when there’ll be time for a break from the activities mentioned above. We have prepared a relaxing area, an UNIcorner, slackline, open space, the small hammocking, a reading area, daily waterfights and the list goes on…

5. life storiesFor ventures, the registrations are made on patrols of 4-8 scouts accompanied by a leader, but every member will register individually, completing the form and mentioning the name of his/her patrol. For rovers, they can also register individually, and for them it’s not mandatory to be accompanied by a leader.

The participation fee for international ventures and rovers is 100 Euro, and for the accompanying leaders the fee is 50 Euro (in the limits of one leader per patrol) and it includes the food, the facilities for camping and cooking the meals, the activities, the materials for activities and the transport in the area during the camp. The participation fee doesn’t include the transport from home to Nocrich The camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, dishes and cutlery) is the participants’ responsibility. The cooking equipment (pots, choppers) will be provided by the scout centre, and the meales will be prepared on fire.

The participation fee is paid after receiving the registering confirmation by email. With that you will also receive all the details about the transfer of the participation fee, which will be made in the account of Nocrich Scout Centre. For any other questions about the program, registering or others, please contact us by email at The deadline for registering is the 1st of May 2016.

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  1. lilian slump
    lilian slump
    8 years ago

    My name is Lilian. I’m a explorer leader in Holland.
    Is there an event like this planned in 2017?
    We would like to have some information about the prices and options at your terrain!

    Lilian Slump
    Explorer Leader
    Scouting Niftarlake

    • Andrada Rus
      Andrada Rus
      8 years ago

      Hello, unfortunately in 2017 we won`t be helding the Nocrich Camp because we will have our Jamboree – ROJAM 2.0
      If you want to come to Romania to our scout centre you can organize your own camp here. If you have other questions or want more information, please write an email to
      All the best,


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